Wildlife overlaps with civilization

Boulder bear killed

A bear and her two cubs were tranquilized in Boulder.

It was the sow’s second offense with the public, which under Colorado wildlife policy, meant a death sentence. However, the two cubs should be relocated successfully.

The three bears were first seen in Boulder in early August and were relocated. However, they returned to Boulder mid September and had multiple confrontations with the public.

Naropa decides to relocate prairie dogs

Naropa University applied for a permit to kill more than 100 prairie dogs on their campus this year.

However after public protest and backlash including an online petition with more than 135,000 signatures, the University decided to relocate the prairie dogs instead and withdrew the permit.

“We certainly heard the criticism,” said Naropa spokesman, Bill Rigler, “But we were intently focused a lot more on what were the relocation solutions. For that reason, Naropa created a website to actively solicit relocation sites or ideas, and we’ve been working with Boulder-based groups to help us in that regard as well as with the city and county government.”

Dog killed by unknown large predator

A pet bulldog which weighed between 40 and 50 pounds was mauled to death by a large unidentified predator on Tuesday in Lafayette.

Rangers with the Colorado Department of Wildlife are investigating the attack, but do not yet know the animal responsible for the dog’s death.




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