Exciting Artistic Celebrations and Opportunities

Open Studios Fall Artists Tour has arrived

Open Studios is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. The Open Studios Fall Artists Tour is held on the first two Saturdays and Sundays of October. This year they have a new Open Studios Mobile App featuring maps to all of the studios, links to each artists website, and recommended bike routes. The tour is a great way for fans to visit each of artists’ studios and engage with them. For the first time this year, as the Open Studios Fall Tour marks their own milestone, they are also introducing future artists! CU’s Department of Art and Art History will host the Open Studios Emerging Artists Show on Friday, October 9 from 5:00pm- 8:00pm, featuring the MFA and BA students showcasing their work.

Express yourself through creativity and spirituality

The Creative Life Center opens its doors to the Boulder community, offering opportunities for people to express themselves through various spiritual exercises. The Center primarily is aimed for women seeking spiritual growth and personal fulfillment. They host various events such as the Wisdom of the Season, Saints and Mystics as well as Experiments in Happiness. The Daily Camera featured a story about the positive impact it has on community members. The purpose of the workshops are to provide people with an outlet to tap into their inner-spirituality through meditation and movement practices and use it as either a way to heal or nourish themselves as well tap into their creative sides.

The production of “Spirits to Enforce” 

The Dairy Center presents the production of “Spirits to Enforce.” Based on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, “Spirits” is an imaginative abstract comedy. A.H. Goldstein’s review featured in the Daily Camera, describes, “In addition to the initial outlandish elements — superheroes conducting a secret telethon from the belly of a submarine is hardly a standard trope of the stage — the show features a winding plot that eventually reveals some pretty heady themes.” Maher breaks down central themes of “The Tempest”, which he incorporates into a story that philosophically explores power and effect of art.


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