Boulder talks pot, incivility, endorsements & that party we’re not invited to

While the Boulder City Council discusses pot-retail regs and bicycle belligerence, PLAN-Boulder County picks its candidates and CNBC drops details about that debate they’re having.

Council considers reducing pot-seller regulations for good behavior

Boulder will still be the heavy when it comes to marijuana-business regulations, but the city council gave initial approval on Tuesday to a measure walking back the toughest rules. Will this finally lead to a pot shop on every corner? (No. No, it won’t.)

Right-sizing acrimony gets out of hand

Council members agreed to remove four blocks’ worth of the controversial bike lanes on Folsom Avenue, but admonished opponents and proponents alike to check their privilege. Also, a little civility would be nice. They are human.

PLAN-Boulder County praises anti-growth council candidates

The presentations are over and it’s time to pick the winners. PLAN-Boulder County, a group focused on environmental sustainability, has put their chips on current members Lisa Morzel and Suzanne Jones, as well as Leonard May, Jyotsna Raj and Cindy Carlisle. They’re also in favor of ballot issues no. 300 and 301, if you hadn’t guessed.

Republican debate to continue as a two-ring circus

While we sit on the couch and work our way through two tiers of cake– Oh, wait… Ahem. While we elevate our heart rate with some casual Tier II exercises, two tiers of Republican presidential candidates will be working their jaws in the Coors Event Center. CNBC has doubled the number of community tickets (from 50 to 100) and one of the hosts is a CU-Boulder alumnus, so it’s square now, right?

Featured image courtesy of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.


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