Too Late Now! Bike Lanes Scale-Back Sparks Protest, Others Relieved

 (Photo courtesy People for Bikes)

(Photo courtesy People for Bikes)

City Council follows staff recommendations to remove the southern portion of the protected Folsom Street bike lanes. Cyclists protest in response, receiving media attention in Boulder, Denver and Albuquerque.

Also of interest: Boulder County seeks increased representation of low-income individuals and people of color on County boards and commissions. The fall training starts on Wednesday, Oct. 7, in Lafayette.

Much Ado About Something: Council Rules

Daily Camera article covers City Council decision to follow staff recommendations on the controversial project, lots of quotes from Council members.

Methinks They Doth Protest: Too Much for Some, Not Enough for Others

Upset cyclists take over Folsom Street for a time. Westword (Denver) piece includes statements from protesters and Fox news video giving voice to both sides.

Activists Doing It for Themselves: Grassroots Video

A video of cyclists crowding Folsom Street on Sept. 30, protesting the previous night’s City Council decision. Posted on YouTube by Zane Selvans, a local activist and chair of Boulder’s Transportation Advisory Board.

Daily Camera Covers Protests

Article by Alex Burness consisting largely of of quotes from protestors.

also of interest …

Boulder County Invites Low-Income Individuals and People of Color to Training Program

Boulder County Community Action Programs seeks participants for their 10-session training program People Engaged in Raising Leaders (PERL), which begins Wednesday, Oct. 7, in Lafayette. Research by the Community Foundation of Boulder County identified under-representation of low-income individuals and people of color on county boards and commissions. The goal of the training is increased participation of these groups. Highlights of the curriculum include leadership development and education on the “inner workings” of boards and commissions.

For information or to register contact Susana Lopez-Baker at or 303-441-3956.


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