Backpedaling on the Bike Lanes: Right-Sizing or Wrong-Sizing?

Motivated by a combination of data analysis and negative community input, Boulder city staff are recommending the removal of a significant portion of the recently installed Folsom St. bike lane infrastructure. Initial installation of the project cost taxpayers $170,000. If implemented, this would be the second adjustment to the bike lanes since they were installed in July. No word on the total cost to date. The recommendations have been added to the agenda for the upcoming Sept. 29 special meeting (which was already scheduled for voting on the proposed short-term housing regulations.)

City Staff U-Turn: Backpedaling on Controversial Bike Lanes

First Set of Folsom Revisions, Sept. 15: Inside Boulder News – Folsom Living Lab Update from City of Boulder on Vimeo.

Folsom Infographics: Before & After Car, Bicycle Volumes, Travel Times, Collisions and More

Agenda for Special City Council Meeting: Sept. 29, 2015 (3) MATTERS FROM THE CITY MANAGER: Update and Staff Recommendation on Folsom Street Pilot Project)

Members of the public will not have a chance to speak about the proposed changes to the bike lanes, but comments will be reviewed in advance. Email to reach all council members.

Against it from the Start: Parting Words from Councilman George Karakehian:

In-depth Daily Camera interview with departing Councilman George Karakehian. Karakehian opposed the Folsom bike lanes from the outset and is no stranger to controversy himself.


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