Boulder Fall Fest celebrates local and national art


Habitat for Artists utilizes pop-up sheds of artwork for artists anywhere around the country.

The 2015 Downtown Boulder Fall Fest came to a close on Sunday Sept. 20 and artists from all over the country were thrilled with the awareness that the festival brought to their work.

For three days, patrons from both in and out of town visited Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall for the fall-themed festival and many vendors had more than 100 people interested in learning more about their art.


A custom woodwork frame designed by vendor Chris McIntosh of Montana.

While a few of the artists came from Colorado towns, there were some who traveled from states all over the country for the opportunity to debut their art in a new setting.

Woodworking vendor Chris McIntosh headed to Boulder all the way from Bozeman, Montana. McIntosh designs and builds art framings hand-crafted from wood and sells the frames with artwork in them, and without. He doesn’t want to force people to like the work that comes with them, as long as they can appreciate the beauty in the frame itself. He has been in the business for about two years now but this was his first time attending the Boulder Fall Fest.


Dominique Samyn’s acrylic colors add a unique twist on a standard horse painting.

Artist Dominique Samyn came from New Mexico to debut her work at the Boulder Fall Fest. Originally from Belgium, Samyn used to paint only abstract art, an art form that is not supposed to contain any concrete images, but soon she realized she kept involuntarily painting horses in her work. She finally accepted that horses were her passion and she now focuses solely on acrylic work, primarily representing horses.

While Samyn said her experience at the Boulder Fall Fest was great, she noted that she will most likely stick to fine-art events from now on as she believes they are a more practical place to display her work.


Cindy Sepucha discusses Habitat for Artists with an interested local family.

Cindy Sepucha, 39, has been living in Boulder for eight years and is incredibly passionate about any opportunity to discuss Habitat for Artists, an artist-run initiative that encourages local creativity by installing small, temporary reusable studios for artists to work on to help engage the public in artistic conversation and discussion.

Sepucha had the opportunity to work on a Habitat for Artists venue in Washington D.C. a few years ago and loved the idea so much she knew she had to bring it to Boulder. Right now the fixtures only stay up for a few days but Sepucha would love for them to stick around a little longer to make more of an impact.

“I would ideally love to see a couple of them in the vicinity of each other for a month and have four artists come through each one, approximately one artist per week so they really have a full week to explore a project,” she said.

One of the 2015 Boulder Fall Fest artist spotlights shone on local artist Megan Morgan. A resident of Colorado since 1986, she moved from Illinois with her family at a young age and realized immediately that Colorado was the place her heart belonged.


Coffee Art Print stand at the Boulder Fall Fest.

Morgan’s primary work, Coffee Art Print, involves stretching out and re-purposing old burlap bags and using them as a canvas for work with oil pastels and acrylic paints. Her work focuses on things she is truly passionate about including cycling, coffee and farmers markets.

“There are great landscape artists in Steamboat, but I just didn’t want to create the same thing that everyone else was creating,” she said. “So I chose to create art that represented my lifestyle.”


Megan Morgan of Coffee Art Print shows local Danielle Hirshberg one of her pieces of art displaying a bicycle.

22-year-old Danielle Hirshberg, a New Hampshire native who has been living in Boulder for six months, said that events like the Boulder Fall Fest have reinforced her love for the town and are a good testament to why she moved here.

“I love events around town like this because to see the community get so excited to go out and explore all these artistic venues reminds me what a wonderful place Boulder is to live,” she said.


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