CMCI Party!

We Have Arrived

University of Colorado’s new College of Media, Communication and Information welcomed students into what is proudly the newest college of the University of Colorado. The CMCI celebration recognized the past, while embracing the beginning of what is not the future.

The Chancellor, Dr. Phillip P. DiStefano, shared with sheer excitement that the CMCI is the first new college on the CU Boulder campus in 53 years, measuring where we once were and the significant transformation to where we are now.

“This day was 4 and a half years in the making. We first went to the board of regions in 2011 and told them that we wanted to create something completely new and innovative for our students to prepare them for a fast changing industry. We told the regions that the new college would be the first of its kind and that it would prepare students for communications and media landscape that is changing faster that at any time in history since the printing press We delivered on our promise, not only to the regions, but also to our students and to your future employers. And I want to congratulate all of you because we arrived.”

DiStefano announced, “It will be the people in this room who will ultimately determine the success of this college.” And a success it was.

Michelle Fulcher, the Director of Marketing and Communications orchestrated the event. “I think we were expecting between 400 and 500 and I think that’s about what we got right there. When you put on something this size, there wasn’t anything specific. It just took a long time nailing down the details. But the best part was getting this room, because it’s just so gorgeous.”

The staff, the faculty, and the students feasted from a buffet of food, gathering with one another, introducing themselves, and genuinely enjoying the start of a change. In a crowded room, in a beautiful space, there was only movement and Founding Dean Lori Bergen touched on that as well. She proudly described CMCI as “the launch of a new era in forward thinking.”

Bergen declared, “What we’re doing is nothing short of revolutionary.”


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