Boulder City Council’s no good, very long week

It’s been a rough few days for the Boulder City Council. They met on Monday to take care of some administrative items, on Tuesday to hold public hearings on controversial housing ordinances, and on Thursday to conduct a study session on protecting Boulder’s aging mobile home parks.

Need to bone up on the issues? No worries; the Daily Camera has you covered.

Short-term rentals approved, but not for everyone

Losers: Renters and owners of vacation homes or investment properties, whose pleas for financial mercy fell on deaf ears. Winners: Primary homeowners, who were given a tentative green light to rent out their homes if citizens vote yes on Nov. 3 to the short-term rental tax (ballot question 2N).

Impassioned speeches & symbolic demonstrations, but no tangible progress

Testimony for and against–mostly against–the ordinance to improve occupancy-limit enforcement went late into the night, resulting in a deferral of the council’s discussion to a future meeting. Were you one of the dozens of attendees who tapped out early? Watch the whole meeting here.

Council ponders mobile home park predicaments

Last of all, the city council considered ways to mitigate the challenges facing the eight mobile home parks in the Boulder service area. Potential fixes include expansion of the Mobile Home Rehabilitation Program, a rental licensing program and something that sounds suspiciously like an overnmentgay ailoutbay.


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