Boulder residents strive for comprehensive calendar of events

Early Wednesday morning I ventured down to Pearl Street to find out what local residents would like to see more of in Arts and Culture coverage around town. The information I gathered confirmed my initial suspicions — there are an abundance of activities and events but people want one specific place they can find them.

I spoke to two women heading to work at Momentum, a boutique on Pearl Street that specializes in fair-trade items. Both Chelsea Cook, 33, and Nina Avila, 34, are originally from Arizona. Cook has been living in Boulder for a few years now while Avila only moved here two months ago. Both women said they definitely would not know as much if they didn’t frequent Pearl Street because 90 percent of their knowledge comes from seeing random flyers. For example, they are struggling to promote “Fashion’s Night Downtown” because, unless people are following Downtown Boulder Inc., they’re less likely to hear about it.

I also spoke to Shannon Guzman, a 42-year-old Denver native who now lives in Boulder and works at Alex and Ani, a jewelry shop on Pearl Street, as well as Megan Luce, another Alex and Ani employee who is originally from Boulder. Guzman gets most of her arts, culture and entertainment news from the Friday section of the Daily Camera, but by then it is normally too late and she would like to hear about things more in advance. Luce is a big fan of the Passport program, a booklet that provides 2-for-1 beer specials in a given area and that helps her know where to go, otherwise she would have a hard time deciding.

“The best thing would be for all of this information to be in one place. I feel like everything is so well covered, but by all different people all over town. I want one place to go to to find out about events,” Luce said.

Next, I headed to The Laughing Goat coffeehouse, which hosts weekly live music performances. This conversation took me the most out of my comfort zone because I felt like I was interrupting someone doing important work.

I spoke to 25–year-old Steven Rouk who has been living in Boulder for a year now but is originally from Atlanta, GA. He works at Boulder Insight on Pearl Street and finds most of his information by searching “events in Boulder” on Google. One thing he would love to see is a section that promotes events that go on at the University of Colorado Boulder because, even though he is not a student, he would like to be more aware of them. Another thing he said he would like to see is a local arts column listed somewhere because coffee shops often promote and feature local artists for months at a time, and it would be nice to have a place to go to to see which artists are featured at each location that month.


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