Crime Crime Crime…and Punishment (Curation 7)

Twenty-year-old Spencer Crawford of Boulder has been sentenced to four years in prison for stabbing and murdering teen victim Angus Gaudin while under the influence of hallucinogens.

The two had been camping in Nederland last June with friends when the incident occurred.

The judge was originally going to sentence Crawford for six years in prison for manslaughter, but Gaudin’s father asked the judge to have leniency on him.




Police are investigating a series of murders that occurred in a house outside of Denver this morning.

The call came in at about 7:20am, and now over 25 police and investigators are canvassing the area and looking for a tattooed suspect in a black Jeep hardtop.

A large section of Broadway and surrounding areas outside of Denver are closed. The story is developing as the investigation continues.




After a weeklong trial that ended Tuesday, ex Boulder cop Sam Carter has been convicted on nine counts, including four felonies, after killing an elk on Mapleton Hill last January and using his badge to cover it up.

Crimes he’s been convicted with include attempting to influence a public official, not reporting that he shot his weapon, tampering with evidence, forgery, and conspiring to kill an elk he illegally possessed.



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