Christmas and Court: Updates (Curation 6)

By Sonia Amodeo

A Longmont family’s Christmas decorations have been stolen off their front lawn, and they are asking for them back.

Gina Priest and her three children posted a sign addressed to the thief to please return the Santa and reindeer displays.

She has not yet filed a police report, and she has bought new decorations. This time, to be put up in the backyard.




Boulder Police and CU Police are in search of a man suspected of sexual harassment and fondling, and they have just released a sketch of him.

Two separate incidents were reported on Dec. 8 of a man approaching a female student and asking for directions at the Euclid Avenue Autopark on campus, both around 4pm.

The suspect made sexual comments at the first female and tried to touch the second female’s breasts. .




Robert Ray, one of the three inmates on Colorado’s death row, took his murder case to the Court of Appeals today, but not for the case that put him on death row.

Ray was sentenced to death row in 2009 for killing two people, but instead he is appealing his murder case from 2004.

His lawyer asks the Court of Appeals to reverse the guilty verdict reasoning that he did not get a fair trial.



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