Little Big Government: October 24

By Roxann Elliott

Boulder’s moratorium on oil and gas exploration expires January 1, 2015, and the county commissioners are holding a public hearing on Nov. 10. Those who wish to speak at the hearing, which will be held at the Plaza Event Center in Longmont, can sign up online starting at noon on Monday, Oct. 27.

Two Boulder nonprofits, the Museum of Boulder and the Dairy Center for the Arts, have contributed further funds in support of Ballot Issue 2A. The Issue would impose an additional 0.3 percent sales tax to fund projects that benefit nonprofits like the museum and arts center. As yet, there exists no organized opposition to 2A.

Boulder city residents who participate in curbside compose pickup can now include meat and dairy products with their plant-matter. Meat and dairy were restricted over concerns of wildlife foraging through curbside compost bins. Recent measures to combat this, including a requirement that some residents use bear-proof containers, made this change possible.


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