Twisted Pine Trivia Night: A Geeks Who Drink Success Story

photoBy Sonia Amodeo

Ten teams competed eight rounds for only one prize.  Somewhat inebriated and severely rowdy, the team Dumbledore’s Army emerged from Twisted Pine Brewery’s two-hour trivia test Monday to win the top prize.

Their reward? A fresh, free pint of Twisted Pine beer.

Just another Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night success story.

“I’ve never done trivia before, but my buddy drinks Twisted Pine beer and wanted me to come,” said Dumbledore’s Army member Hiroki Collins as he took a first sip of beer. “I know nothing about current events, but I know about music.  Maybe that will help.”

A few dozen residents ranging from students to middle-aged men and women, gathered after a long Monday at Twisted Pine for dinner, beer, and trivia.  And though this event occurs weekly, this evening was especially exciting.

Team Dumbledore’s Army, consisted of just three CU students, 21-year-olds, still enamored with Harry Potter books.  They arrived sober, and got every question wrong in the first round—the underdogs of the competition.

Round by round they got more and more questions correct.  Perhaps it was the effect of the beer increasing their confidence, but they gradually moved up the scoreboard.

The final round was the deciding factor.  Dumbledore’s Army was tied with Team Schneedlevixen for first place going in to the round.   Both teams seemed fairly drunk at this point, slurring and spitting their words.

At one point, the teams were even pointing and yelling at each other.

“I have been working Geeks Who Drink Trivia Nights for almost a year, and I have not seen so much rowdiness and enthusiasm.  This is like a Broncos game,” said the event’s organizer and announcer Chloe Chatenevver.

The theme of this last set of questions was “song recall.”  Whoever identified the song playing through the speaker, wrote down the answer, and delivered it to Chatenevver first would win.

The song then began to play, and there was a moment of silence.  Then seemingly at the same time, both Collins and one of the members of Team Schneedlevixen jumped from their seats and darted at Chatenevver.

Collins was just a little bit faster, and the geeks-getting-beat became the geeks-to-beat at this week’s trivia night.

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