Schooling You — Sept. 25-Oct. 3

By Kelsey Ray

Updates on the JeffCo school protests, one week later:

School Board President Ken Witt told the Colorado Springs Gazette that teachers supporting the student protests have ulterior motives: they are upset about a new, merit-based compensation plan. The plan, passed at the same board meeting where the new APUSH committee was proposed, is considered partially responsible for the original teacher “sick-outs”.

On the streets, students are upping the ante after five days of protesting. A Columbine High School junior told 9NEWS that students are planning to skip school October 1, the day districts statewide submit student attendance counts to receive annual per-student funds (over $7,000 per pupil).

Meanwhile Julie Williams, whose review committee proposal sparked the protests, feels she’s been misunderstood. In a new interview with FOX31, Williams explains her motives, saying of the new curriculum, “What is the fear of looking at this?”


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